SAPSASA Softball

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Today I played in our second SAPSASA Softball match.  It was a very close game as both of the teams kept getting 7 home runs (witch in our modified game rules is when we swap over) which just made us keep tying.  So in the end we had to go and go one out team out.  The other team got two runs before they got one out and we got…………………………………………

THREE runs befrore we got one out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we won 31-30!!!

It was amazing and now we are in the Grand Final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sooo exited and can’t wait until the Grand Final!

Speeking of Softbal last week (15/11/11) in the first and third innings I got a home run!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt sooooo proud of myself and have made myself a bit of a Softball superstar!  And I only started this term!! (because of the number of players inthe team)

See you soon!



This is my two-home runs bat^

Baby Alpakas!!

Hi Bloggers!

This afternoon my mother took me and my siblings to see her friend Jan’s Alpakas.  We had already seen a young chocolate brown called Coco and we had come to see her other new baby Alpaka’s.  W saw the new ones and they were super cute!

We also got to see a new baby Alpacka born only this morning!  It’s a boy and it weighs 10kg!  This is heavyer than the rest of the girls, even Coco wasn’t born at that weight!

When we went to see Coco a couple of weekends ago we saw some of the six month old alpakas and Alexis, Netty and I were looking at three other alpakas and it looks like a “Mexican Stand off” (At least that’s what Mum calls it)

Above is a slideshow of the baby Alpakas.

See you later!


My busy last week

Hi Bloggers!

Sorry I havn’t been on for a while!  I have had a very important guest come over all the way from New Zealand!

My billet Alexis came over with her choir and I got to have her stay in my home!

For those who don’t know my school has a sister city in NZ and each year one of the choirs goes and visits the other.  This year the kiwis came over.  I went over last year and Alexis billeted me.  So we decided to return the favour.

Alexis came on the 2nd of November and left on the 8th.  We had a great time and I really want to keep in contact with Alexis over the years.

The very next day my mother went to Sydney for a week as she is going to a surprise 40th birthday party for one of her friends!  While she is over there she will be visiting some of her other friends.

Yesterday I went to SAPSASA (South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Assosiation)   softball.  We had a tremendous victory 16-11!  It was great!

That very same night I went to my first Soccer game.  It was Adelaide United vs West Coast.  It was a lot more civilised than I thought it would be and Adelaide won 2-1!  I felt proud of our Adelaide team!

That’s all for now!



Hello Bloggers!

Sorry I havn’t been on in a while because my family has been moving and I havn’t had the computer sert up yet! But now I finally have!

On the 8th of October it was my brothers birthday and we went to go and see the Smurfs in 3D.  It was really cool.

And also on the 8th I went to my friend Hannah’s party!!  It was totally awesome!!  We went to her uncle’s farm and we did tons ofcool things that you wouldn’t usally do at a party!

On the second to last day of the holidays we went to see the movie Jonny English it was the best ever!  A movie to watch any time.  The main character Jonny English, is played by none other than………………… Mr Bean!!!!!  I don’t know his real name so I’ll just call him Mr Bean for now.

I found out what I got for my Journal yesterday I got 28/28 for the Journal part ofo my IB project!!!!!!

That’s all folks!


James Mays Toy Stories 2

Hello fellow Bloggers!

Tonight I watched a programme on SBS with James May having a race of model trains going 10 miles.  James May had already tried to do this but it faild so he decided to do it again.  There was a race between the Brittish and the Germans.  Each team had three trains in the race.

In the first round there was the German’s DR Class 58.30 against the Brittish James’s own childhood model the LNER Class A3 4472 Flying Scotsman.

In the second round there was the German DB Class 403 aka the “Donald Duck” against the Brittish Intercity 125.

In the third round:

The German team originally used fermented Sauerkraut to power a small piston engine motor, which started quickly but then fell off the track and exploded. The backup was a standard EuroSprinter ES 64 P electric locomotive, powered by a bank of lithium-ion cells instead of electricity supplied from the track.

The British team tried a train based on a ducted fan propelling a British Rail Class 395, which while extremely fast, proved too unstable and lacked brakes. It quickly derailed, breaking several wheels in the process. The replacement used an electric motor driven by a hydrogen fuel cell, the workings of which were disguised by an over-scale Thomas the Tank Engine body (although this was removed for much of the route as it made it top heavy).

See for yourself which train won which round!!

See you soon!



IBMYP Projects

Hello Everyone!

This term the IB projects are on.  We have from week 2 antil week 10 Monday morning.

If you don’t know what the IB projects are then here is a brief description:

n the final year of the programme, each student completes a personal project, a significant piece of work that is the product of the student’s own initiative and creativity.

Each project must reflect a personal understanding of the areas of interaction. Students apply the skills acquired through one of these areas as well as approaches to learning.

Students are expected to choose their project, which can take many forms, and take the process through to completion under the supervision of a teacher in the school. This involves:

  • planning
  • research
  • a high degree of personal reflection.

The personal project is assessed by teachers against a set of IB assessment criteria.

For my IB project I am designing a house that my family could build and live in.  It will be drawn to full scale and everything!  I am having a few worries on wether I will get it finished on time.

What is your IB project?

See you later

Slomenka! 😉

My Holidays – so far

Hello Everyone!

These adventures are happening because my mother has just had a tuma about the size of a basketball cut out of her, so she’s in a lot of pain.  So our grandparents came down to keep us occupied for a while.

Sorry I haven’t got the photos up and running yet but I will soon!! 😀


On the 9th of July I went yabbying with my Great Uncle Richard, Great Aunt Megan, my grandparents; Ray and Diana & my little sister Antoinette and brother Haemon along with some of Meagan & Richards friends.  There was also some other children as well, one a 2 year old girl called Kitty (yes her actual name was Kitty!) and her 4 year old brother Jasper. (I can never remember his name)

We set plenty of traps.  We found that we caught more yabbies in the stronger current, rather than the weaker current.  The first time we checked them my net caught the smallest yabbie so far!  Also in that round we caught 4 in one net!  In the end we caught around about 30!!  We wanted to keep one but we haven’t got anywhere to put it!

Kangaroo Island

On the 11th of July my grandparents (Ray and Diana) took Antoinette, Haemon and I to Kangaroo Island for the very first time!!

Day 1: Getting there

After lunch my Grandparents took us home to collect all the things we needed to take to KI.  Then we went to grab something to eat before we left.

Next we went to check in our spot on the boat.  When we boarded the boat, it took another hour to get all of the cars and trucks on!! (boring)  Then we set off.  It took around about an hour to get there.

That night we went to go on a Penguin tour.  When we got there we got to have a look at some of the sea creatures that you can find.  After that we went on the Penguin tour.  We found out that “Fairy Penguin” is the incorrect name for the little penguins.  They are actually called “Little Penguins.”  I don’t see much of a difference really.  Anyway, we got some great pictures and you can see them on my picture trail.

Day 2: Exploring the Island
First we went to Seal Bay to see the seals (obviously).  First we went and had a look at a display they had there.  Then we went on a self-guided tour.

Their proper name is the Australian Sea Lion.  The species are endangered so they were dotted around the area.  We even saw a mother seal feeding its baby seal under the deck we were standing on!! It was soo cute!  At one point there was a camera-loving seal it would do pose after pose for us! It was so funny!  There was also a little baby seal that kept calling out for its mother because it was so hungry.  It went out to sea to find its mother!!  But we saw it return home safely! 😀

Next we were heading for Flinders Chase National Park when we spotted a goose but this was a special goose a KI goose so it looks very different.  Then we kept a lookout for other native animals and Ray (my grandpa) spotted something.  He told us to hop out of the car and go further down the road we had just come on.  To our surprise he had spotted some wallabies or kangaroos.

What do you think they are?? Check them out on my slideshow.

Finally we got to Flinders Chase National Park.  First Ray had to wait in line to get a pass for the day while we had a look at the awesome gift shop.  When he was getting close to the front I had to stand with him to tell the lady our number plate.  We got some pictures of my brother and I next to some really lifelike.  I wanted to get something but I didn’t. 🙁  Next we went on a track that lead us into the bush.  At the end of the track (well, when we turned around to go back because we were waiting for our lunch) we saw a mother KI goose along with her goslings! They were pretty cute. 😉

Next we went to see the Remarkable Rocks.  They were amazing shapes and sizes.  With all unique shapes.  We got plenty of good photos.  You see how big they are when you see a person against them from a distance.  We made sure we got a photo under the famous rock.  We even saw that as time has gone by it has changed well… remarkably!!

Next we went to see how they got goods onto that part of the Island.  They cut a giant gorge  into the rock. I was about 1 metre and a half wide and I don’t know how long.  Beside that they still have the house where they would’ve stored all of the things that they sent up.  Next to it they had aan old “water tank” type thing.  I reached my hand inside and took photos without seeing where I was aming! They’re pretty good if you ask me.  I also got my brother and sister to do some action shots of them finding bits of old metal (I think that’s what it is).  They look pretty funny.

After that we headed for Cape du Couedic.  It has a lighthouse there.  We got some pretty good action shots of me.  Then we went for a 2km hike.  I “created” some piles of rocks so did my brother Haemon.

After that we went down a boardwalk to find a massive amount of New Zealand Fur Seals!! We were amazed of how many there were.  We even had a baby seal about 1 metre away from us!!!!  We called it Bubbles.  We decided that it was a girl, even though we didn’t know the gender!!  We also found the Arch that we had been looking for earlier!!  It is massive.  We were very fortunate to get the last photos of the day as the batteries were running out.

Then we saw an old plow and some not-very well maintained sheep.

Day 3: Going home

That morning we went to the first settlement on KI.  This is what is still there:  That day we found out where the KI Mulberry tree was so we went to see it.  We found it along with some younger ones in case the big one died.  We also found out some interesting things about the olden days on KI.  I found what looks like the remains of a buildings walls.  There was a place where they prayed when they came to the Island, it even had some beer bottles in front of it!!(the place was known for drinkng rum and fighting, not a nice thing to be known of).

They also still have their attempts at making jettys! One was made of wood, and didn’t succeed and the second was one made of rocks!!  They didn’t work.  Everyone had to leave because all the wells they had made were too deep and got salty very easily.  But just as almost everyone was gone they dug a well only 50 metres deep with tons of fresh water!!!  They also had a smaller version of the first ever post office on KI.  It was made by Samual Reeves and his wife Charlotte Martha Reeves along with their son Augustus Reeves.  They moved their post office to a different location after a while.  The first ever white person to set foot on KI was 2 year old Elizabeth Beare carried by a sailor.  She filled her pinafore with shells and things before returning to the ship.

Next we went for a drive along the road.  When we came to a little harbour we saw a pelican ontop of a wooden pole.  Then it moved! Ray and Diana had thought it was fake!!  I always knew it was real.  I mean wouldn’t a statue be coverd in seagull droppings?  Just like the pole?

Next we found a tribute to the first four ships to reach KI: Rapid, Duke of York, Lady Mary Pelham and the John Pirie.  Although on the sign it says Cygnet instead of John Pirie.  I think there is a debate about whether it was the Cygnet or John Pirie.  In the centre is a flagpole (with no flag) covered in aboriginal symbols.  We had a look through one of those tourist binoculars.  You couldn’t see practically anything, a rip-off if you ask me.

Next we went to see another lighthouse.  It was a plain white lighthouse surrounded by, youguessed it white houses!! Enough with the white already!!  In one of the rooms inside one of the white houses was a giftshop with really detailed little boats for sale.  In one of the rooms one of the walls had the history of all of the people that had lived in the lighthouse.  Very interesting.  In the same room it had a shelf that looked like the top of a boat it was pretty cute.  Haemon told me to take a photo of the wooden bird so that’s why it’s there.  There is also a horses skull still in its reins!!  I also took a photo of the plaque that says that the lighthouse is 150 years old!  That’s pretty old.  Outside it was very windy and there were some whale skulls and other bones, along with plenty of flowers.  There was alot of holes in this rock.  Ray said that they were made to stick dynamite in then blow up the rock.  There was a weather vain.  It was interesting as you don’t see many these days.

Afterwards we went to get some lunch before we set off.  The place was nice.  I had a chicken schnitzel with chips it was nice.  Then we set off to leave the Island.

Have you ever been to KI?  What was the best thing you did there?

Well that’s all thats happened so far!! 😀

Slomenka! 🙂

SA State Aquatic Centre

Hello Everyone!

Today for the first time I went to the new State Aquatic Centre Marion!  It was super awesome!

I really enjoyed the slides.  The first one I went on is called “the blue one” it is very bendy.  The other one is called “the orange one” it was sooooo scary as at the bottom it had a giant bowl in which you slide into then fall out the bottom.

It also had a little playground with one little orange double slide and a single yellow and grey (terrible colours to put together if you ask me) slide.  On the very top there was a giant red bucket which has water pouring into it.  When the bucket gets full it over balances and tips over dumping the water in a big splash.  If you are standing in the right spot you get sopping wet!☻☺

sa aquatic centre

This place I would five a five star rating!

See you later!


♪♫♪My First Chamber Recital!♪♫♪

Hello Everyone!

Today I went to a recital by Anna Goldsworthy on the Piano, Helen Ayreson on the Violin & Tim Nankervis on the Cello.

I have been reading “Piano Lessons” by Anna Goldsworthy and wanted to see what all the hardwork she puts into the book turned out to be like so my Mum Brought Tickets to see Anna Goldsworthy.  It turns out that she formed a Trio (a trio is a small orchestra of no more than 5 or 6) and she has been playing with them since 1994.

There playing is just amazing.  Anna makes pieces like Mozart seem effortless.  Helen is just amazing with the violin and plays with enourmous passion.  Tim is essential to complete the Trio.

They play things with such enourmous passion that they remodel the entire piece to make it unique.  They have revalutionised my passion for music forever.  We even brought their first CD.  But you have to see it live to experience it properly.

Have you seen a pianist play before? Who was it? Was it in an orchestra?

See you later!



Hi Everyone!

As you may/may not know my class is doing a play called St Geogia and the Dragon.  You may/maynot know that I am Quenn Ida Braynesell.  At the moment for my costume I have my green velvet and fabric dress (it matches my dark hair) and a pair of my mothers high heels.  I was wondering if anyone knew where (in South Australia, Australia so if you live in Japan I don’t know if you can be much help unless you’ve been here before) I could get a tiara or crown and a pair of clip on earings? Or perhaps just a shop you could recommend.

This performance is massive.  We perform in a theature in Blackwood and we have to learn our lines and everything!  We even have the proper red curtains.

If your class is doing a play tell me:

  1. what it’s called
  2. who you are
  3. what you’re wearing